Stephanie is the creator of Wildly Nourished. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, athlete, nature lover, adventurer, wanderess, dreamer, and lover of vivacious food, being inspired, and community.

"i love stories. we all have one, full of triumph, heartache, lose, and love. i believe by sharing our stories we can heal and become whole because we realize we are not alone and then can release our own sense of self-doubt.

i’ve always been a dreamer, full of questions, ideas, and what some would say a “naive” outlook on life. I wanted to change the world, I wanted to be an astronaut, and I believed in magic. As I got older, society urged me to forget these silly ideas and find a “true” path. So i did- I excelled in sports, school, and landed a great job at Boston Medical Center. Years went by, and my heart ached. I’d work 9-5 come home and draw, read, write, research different places and cultures. I wanted more meaning in my life, I knew there was so much more than this rat race so I made the decision to leave my job, sell all of my belongings, pack my bag and book a one way ticket to Costa Rica.

Any and all security crumbled to the ground as the future completely unknown. By myself I embarked on a journey that taught me the most profound lessons. For two years it was me, the road, and my backpack living in Costa Rica and Guatemala. I encountered situations and moments that I never that I would be able to get through, but each time I did I learned a new strength about myself.

Itraveled through Central America living on farms and in conscious communities. We would wake up with the sun, farm all day, eat meals together, and at night sit under the stars in the jungle talking about meaningful things like the medicinal power of plants and herbs. I met friends from all over the world. I taught yoga . I lived with indigenous families. I spent time with shamans. I studied permaculture, organic farming, raw food, the healing power of nature, reiki, meditation, breathing, dreaming, and all sorts of alternative modalities.

The less “things” I had, the happier I was. I felt free for the first time in my entire life and I knew that my purpose was to share what I had learned. This is what Wildly Nourished is about. I am here to nourish you with the truth so you can remember your own. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are interesting, you are original, you are more than enough, you have a gift, a purpose, and the world needs you. And we need each other <3
With love, Stephanie x